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Clermont County Community Services, Inc.

Emergency Home Energy Assistance Programs (E-HEAP)

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E-HEAP is a winter heating program that operates from November 1 to March 31. The program can assist a household if eligible with a one time payment of up to $550.00 for wood or coal, $900.00 for oil or propane if you are in an emergency state-meaning less than 25% supply. Households that heat with natural gas or electric and have a disconnect notice the maximum benefit is $175.00. You must meet Federal Income guidelines and provide the required documents to qualify.

**Wages- most recent 30 days consecutive paycheck stubs for EVERYONE 18 and older in the home
**Any child support orders with 13 week print-out from
** Any Social Security recipients must provide copy of most recent Awards/Benefit letter
** Any unemployment summary of payment history or eligibility letter
**If self employed or doing Odd jobs- 12 months of computerized income records and your most recent IRS 1040 or IRS wage and income transcript and record of account transcript tax forms.
** Seasonal Employees- 12 months of paystubs, printout or Seasonal Employment Verification form (pickup form prior to appointment)
** If no income in home- a zero income self declaration form, a written statement saying how you have survived, if you have had assistance from family/friends- a statement from them with amounts and frequency of assistance along with all contact information-including name, address and phone numbers. You will also need a tax transcript from 1800-829-1040. If NO TAXES have been filed you will need retain a copy from or call 1800-908-9946.
**Picture ID of person whose name is on utility bills
**Social Security Cards or Birth Certificate for everyone in household (must know SSNs if only providing Birth Certificates)
**Current Electric Bill
**Fuel Oil, Propane,Wood- last delivery receipt
**If on housing you will need a copy of your household verification form
**If renting- a copy of lease with landlord's contact information
   - The above is a general list, Each case is unique and you may be asked to provide additional documentation.


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