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Clermont County Community Services, Inc.

Keep your child healthy with regular check ups

Ready, Set, Smile (Locations, hours, etc. Click here)

This is the perfect time to learn about the importance of healthy teeth. Your child will depend on his teeth for the rest of his life. Eating, smiling, even proper speech requires strong, healthy teeth and gums. Your child's success in life will be determined by his health and his education. You can assure both by following some easy, common sense rules.

Many parents believe that it is not important to care for "baby" teeth. In fact, your child should have a combination of adult and baby teeth - now, or very soon. If you child has not been to the dentist yet, it's time for a dental check up. The best time to take care of dental problems is before they start. Dental cleanings and preventative treatments, like sealants and fluoride treatements reduce the need for complex treatment later - and at a lower cost and increased comfort for your child.

Don't wait. Schedule an exam today. Most dental offices are very busy just before school starts. Getting needed treatment now will reduce or eliminate last minute stress.

Healthy teeth are essential for your child's success in school and in life.

Call your dentist before school starrts and schedule an exam. You should expect to have your child's teeth examined by the dentist. X-rays are an important way to detect decay between teeth and show other problems like extra or missing teeth. A cleaning will remove tarter and germs that cause gum problems and tooth decay. Finally, an application of professional strength fluoride will strengthen teeth against decay. And, don't forget to get any other treatment recommended by the dentist.

Clermont Dental

Over 30 years of Quality Pediatric Health Care

At your service!

We are dedicated to the health of your child's smile, and have been since 1968.

We are a private, non-profit service. Our mission is to care for your child's dental health by providing high quality services at an affordable cost.

Reduced fees available to everyone

Most insurance plans accepted

Medical cards welcome

Hi-tech equipment used to assure your child's health and comfort

Pleasant, child centered office

Payment plans available

We care for children who are handicapped


3003 Hospital Drive
(next to Clermont Mercy)
Batavia, Ohio 45103


Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm


732-2277 ext. 2

We accept new patients up to age 18

We recommend scheduling your child's first dental appointment between the ages of 18 months and two years of age.

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